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Yacht rentals with fjord in Ibiza

In the Balearic Islands, and especially in Ibiza, the luxury boat and yacht rental business is one of the most prominent due to the islands’ popularity as a favorite vacation spot for many tourists, who sometimes get dazzled by high-profile vessels.
But don’t let that scare you; you can enjoy these clear waters with Fjord Boat Hire, an attractive assortment of Fjord Norwegian-branded boats.
Not only are these boats reasonably priced to buy or rent, but they also have a long presence in the yachting market. Their quality and reliability reflected in a minimalist and clean design that provides the viewer with optimal comfort and stable aerodynamics in the water.
Next, we will show you a series with the best Fjord brand options for rentals in Ibiza.
Best Fjord Boat Rentals with Ibiza Charter Barracuda
The best luxury boat rental agency, Fjord Boat Hire, offers you a line that exudes style and magnificence at very affordable prices. At their website,, you’ll find classic fjords to sail in the best Ibiza style.
Fjord 40.
The first model, the Fjord 40, is a boat 12 meters long and 4 meters wide, capable of carrying up to 11 people. Its innovative design makes it one of the most sought-after boats among tourists who want to spend a wonderful day with their families.
Ibiza Charter Barracuda has for your comfort the Fjord 40 with a 500 Volvo Penta IPS engine that allows speeds up to 35 knots. This boat with easy maneuverability will cost 1450 euros in low season, varying between 1650 euros in mid-season and 1850 euros in high season.
Fjord 36 Open.
A more streamlined version of the previous model features a beautiful 10.80m long and 3.65m wide cockpits with comfortable seating for nine people.
Two 260hp Volvo engines power the boat with a consumption of 100 liters per hour of navigation. Inside there is a small cabin that can accommodate two people on a comfortable bed. The best thing about this boat is that regardless of the season, the price remains the same – 1500 €.
Fjord 40 Open
The 40 Open models are considered the flagship of the Fjord brand and will be a large boat for 11 people. This boat will reach speeds of up to 55 knots and will equipped with stereo sound, a swim platform, an upper deck, and a sundeck in the bow.
Ibiza Charter Barracuda is offering it at prices from €1450, €1650, and €1850, depending on the season. The service includes a skipper and free drinks.
Go to and discover the best deals on Ibiza fjord boat rentals. Sail through the fjord in the best style!

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