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Flying in Paragliding an amazing adventure

To fly in paragliding is to get up and suddenly you are already in the air flying over the top of the mountains, as if you could touch the clouds with your feet; when you are at the top you can see a whole beautiful landscape of the island.

Flying with a ”tandem paragliding” is specially designed for two people, attached by a harness to a qualified and very experienced instructor. Web

When to plan to go paragliding?

The effect of planning is possible thanks to the flexibility of paragliding and the force of the wind, a fundamental factor for the flight to be successful and lasting. In Tenerife you can fly all year around thanks to it´s good weather conditions.  Paragliding is an activity that you can do alone or in the company of a friend, your partner or even your instructor. 

Where is the paragliding flight?

Choosing the place to paragliding is a decision worth considering. Tenerife has beautiful coastlines with cliffs perfect for paragliding.

What people can practice paragliding?

Paragliding can not only  be practiced individually but also as a group. Tenerife Top Paragliding has several monitors so that you can all enjoy a tandem flight at the same time.

Where is paragliding practiced? 

You can practice in Spain in Tenerife as you have seen, paragliding  offers a wide variety of options for both beginners  and experts,  and is one of the best things you can do in your life.

What does it take to practice paragliding alone without an instructor? 

To fly alone autonomously you will have to look for a good school where you will be taught how to take off and land. With a few weeks of training you will be able to do it. 

How long is the paragliding course? 

Usually and under normal conditions between 3-4 weeks, depending on your availability.

How much does paragliding cost?

The cost of the two-seater jump ranges from 90€  to  170€, depending on the plan you sign up for.

Minimum age to practice paragliding?

The minimum age for two-seater paragliding is 6 years. It’s not really because of age but because of weight and that they can also enjoy it by being ”aware’‘ of reality.

What is the risk of practicing paragliding? 

Statistically there is more risk of having an accident driving than paragliding. Thanks to the advancement in technologies, paragliders, especially tandem paragliders are increasingly safer and allow much more human error and are more tolerable to turbulence.

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